Interested in Selling Your Property Direct to Vivia Group?

Because we prioritize customer service, simplicity, and transparency, selling your property to Vivia Group can become an experience of flexible terms, no broker fees, and the ability to leave any repairs, damage, and unwanted items behind. Each offer we submit reflects current market value and comes with thoroughly conducted research and careful, in-person consideration of the property.

If you’re considering selling, we’d love to discuss the benefits of a direct cash sale with you.

As-is sale. No need for seller disclosure forms, costly updates or repairs, or replacement of outdated and/or non-functioning systems. Have tenants and want us to absorb the lease? We will take them as well!

No broker fees. You will save an average of six percent in selling costs by selling your home direct.

Flexible terms. Whether you’re selling an investment property or your primary residence, we offer many ways to accommodate your needs. Our terms can be as adaptable as extending a closing to allow for 1031 exchanges (therefore slowing down the rush when identifying a new investment property), providing a traditional 30-day closing period, offering owner financing options to defer capital gain taxes, or releasing non-refundable earnest money directly to the seller.

Item removal and property cleanup. Unwanted items and heavy cleanup needs, whether left by home owners, tenants, or guests, can long delay the selling and moving process and therefore delay closure in a traditional transaction. We are happy to make sure that the items go to the appropriate donation facilities. (We’ve even taken watercrafts!)

Questions about your future sale? We would love to speak with you. 



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